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  • Welcome to the blog. We're Julie and Andy. Here you will find our latest photographs and musings. We are a curious duo, intrigued by the uniqueness of life stories and how everyone is somehow connected. We are inspired by people who are confident, sometimes considered quirky, passionate and in love. Our time is split between Seattle and Hawaii and we'd love to hear about your upcoming wedding or celebration.

Seattle Family photographer // The Han’s

I’m well aware that the blog has been a little quiet lately. Being a full time mom and business owner is no joke and I’m learning the routines of baby and work to make it all thrive. Joining the mom club this past fall has given me a much greater respect for all mama’s out there, which has in turn allowed me to have a fresh perspective when photographing families. The selflessness of caring for a baby 24/7 was somewhat of a shock, but something that has only made me a better person. It has put so many things into perspective in the best way.

Spring in Seattle calls for much unpredictability in terms of the weather, so when our original photo shoot date was grey with light showers I was happy to hear that Rena was also willing to hold out for a day that would give us the sunshine and warmth we all wanted in the photos. Their four year old is quite the brave one and wanted to pet all the wildlife she could find. We chased bunnies, pet caterpillars, searched the trees for various birds and ran down Discovery Park’s hills. These four were a joy to photograph is Seattle’s gorgeous evening light.

Mauna Lani Hawaii wedding photographer // Emily + Brandon

Andy and I hopped across the Pacific this week with Wylie to document the wedding of Emily and Brandon. It was incredible and I couldn’t help but share a few images right away. I love how non traditional her dress was and those flowers…. so good.

Hawaii bound…

Hey my Hawaii peeps, I’ll be on the Big Island from April 30th through May 5th. Let’s bottle up that warm light and love into photo form. E-mail me at julie@julieharmsenphotography.com

Happy 1st Birthday Nolan!

Last year I photographed this beautiful couple on the beaches of Hawaii for some maternity photos. It was serendipitous to all find ourselves living back in the Pacific Northwest so Andy, Wylie and I drove down to Portland for the day to capture this sweet one year old at his birthday party! He sure is darling.

Dempsey Family // Seattle family photographer

Throw back to late summer in Seattle when I was a few weeks away from delivering a baby. We visited their favorite playground on the shores of Lake Washington to kick the soccer ball, monkey around on the playground, and capture the energy and enthusiasm of three playful kiddos.