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  • Welcome to the blog, I'm Julie. Here you will find some of my latest photographs and musings. I'm curious and intrigued by the uniqueness of life stories and how everyone is somehow connected. I'm inspired by people who are confident, sometimes considered quirky, passionate and in love and I'd love to hear about your upcoming wedding or celebration. *photo by Amanda VanVels

Bennie + Co.

This family is dear to my heart and I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Joey and Rebecca during some of their most important life events including their engagement, wedding, and maternity photos. Little Bennie arrived last year and they popped over to the studio for some playful photos of this soon to be toddler. It all happens way too quickly. Here is the little cutie.

Bella Luna Farms Seattle wedding

Smita loves french fries, Black Tea Lemonade, Italy and the Seahawks. Johann loves the 49ers, Lakers, bacon, burritos and internet memes. Greater than all of those things put together is Smita and Johann’s love for the other. They could barely take their eyes off each other all day and it was such a delight to witness their adoration. The immaculate Bella Luna Farms was the backdrop to their celebration and they incorporated both Indian and Hawaiian traditions into the two ceremonies.  The morning began with a beautiful Hindu ceremony followed by an afternoon Western ceremony which incorporated some Hawaiian customs. The day was relaxed, enchanting, filled with joy, laughter and countless kisses between the couple.  Elegant Affairs was on hand to ensure everything flowed smoothly, Katie DeLorme was my right hand gal to guarantee no detail was missed, and Bamboo Beats kept the party going once the sun went down. This day was one for the books.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hopefully yours is off to a great start and you’ve receovered from the holiday madness. The three of us laid low here in Seattle without any travel and it was so nice to enjoy a lot of down time. I’m starting the new year feeling relaxed and ready for the excitement this year will bring. Wylie is 14 months old now and his sense of humor is really coming out. Sometimes we’ll be goofing around and he will fall over from laughing so hard. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. One thing I’m looking forward to this year are the funny things that he will say as he begins to talk more. Currently he’s signing his requests and says a few words, most recently acho if we sneeze.

Here’s a frame from the New Years wedding I photographed at the Four Seasons Seattle.

Heather + Zach // Mt Hood wedding




George + co.

George wins for best hair. He’s also a happy little guy who gives smiles easily. I photographed his parents’ engagement photos, wedding and now the growing family. It was a numbingly chilly winter morning for our shoot, but that didn’t keep a grin off of this babe’s face. Also, how cute is his nursery? It helps to have a mom who is an interior designer, I suppose.