It’s been a whirlwind of a week and I’m so honored for some new endeavors which have transpired, renewed dreams and goals, personal growth, downfalls which will make me stronger, brunch parties, deeper love and a gamut of wonderfulness.¬† Here are some findings from around the web:

Jeremy Cowart is an amazingly talented photographer and has such a passion for living for something greater  Here are two videos of some of his latest art. Radiohead and Jesus

Pantone chip cookies-yes please!

This past week was Seattle Restaurant week and I took advantage of it at 3 delicious restaurants: Bastille , Chez Shea , and Dahlia Lounge

This makes my mouth water.

Paper flowers are fun!  I had them at my wedding!

New York was a ball of fun last week and you can see some of our adventures on the blogs of Mary, Ari, and Nessa

Have a sunny weekend!