Intelligent Life print publication…

This story starts with my younger brother.  He’s a bit of a joker and finds enjoyment is teasing and pranking me-in the most kindhearted way.  It’s always been this way, much to the demise of our mom in our childhood.  Several months ago he called from an anonymous number and with a British accent pretended to be a potential client.  I was skeptical but didn’t want to blow him off in case I was mistaken.  Eventually after he got his kicks he started laughing, or maybe he ended it and then called me back on a real number.  The details are foggy but either way, he prank called me as a British client and I was the bum of his joke.

Story number two… while in Hawaii for pre wedding planning in February, I received another phone call from a British sounding potential client.  My brother wasn’t with me so I was left to assume he was at it again and blew off the man on the other end.  Seeing him later that day I told him that he pulled another nice prank but he had no clue what I was talking about-and swore to it.  I felt horrible that I had completely blown off this real person that wasn’t my jokster kin.  If you’re reading this, kind gentleman who called, I’m so incredibly sorry.  From this I learned a lesson.

Speed up a couple months and I get an early morning voice mail from a +44 number, so I at least know they’re calling from across the pond.  It’s a british speaking woman from The Economist telling me she wants to hire me.  There was a moment of skepticism because how often does someone from The Economist call out of the blue wanting to commission you for a print piece for one of their magazines? As you can see it was legitimate and I was so grateful for the opportunity to be a part this project and help create some images for their story.

The article is about Kathryn Gustafson, an incredibly talented landscape architect whose work can be seen around the world.  One of the pieces she designed, which caught my attention was the Diana, Princess of Wales, memorial fountain in Hyde Park, as I was fascinated with Diana as an adolescent.  Her Seattle office Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, here in Seattle has just won a national design award as well.  Although the magazine isn’t in print in the US it can be found on the iPad.  It’s a beautiful magazine and I suggesting finding it if you can.

Here’s to embracing and loving new opportunities.