Kyle + Richenda // Plantation Gardens Kauai Wedding Photographer

Sometimes I have a hard time letting go of a wedding.  Realizing that all of the correspondence, connecting, anticipation, celebration around the day is over and so I hold it hostage from the blog because that’s sometimes the final step before my role in the story is truly finished.  This Kauai wedding kicked off the year in January and I think it’s time to give it wings.  After Kyle reached out to me about the wedding  I knew right away that this couple was different.  They had something VERY special and I had to find out what it was.  Richenda, stunning and full of passion, is Dutch and Egyptian and moved to the states from Australia to pursue a job at World Vision where she was introduced to Kyle.  Richenda knew after a few dates that she had found a kindred spirit, someone passionate about new media and helping the poor.  She immediately gained a best friend, someone that understood her, her view of the world and who shared similar visions and dreams.  She says “I have never met anyone like Kyle  before, he is a remarkable. Endlessly creative and always looking for new ways to learn and grow. His heart is abundant! When you meet his family, they’ll tell you he was the kid that wanted to share everything he owned. As his partner, the strength of his heart  has meant that he gave up his job, home and timezone to move to Australia, where I recently gained a job opportunity last April. Since moving here, it has amazed me with how much he has learned about Australia and Australians, how quickly he has become comfortable and made Melbourne home. That’s extremely admirable!”

Kyle shared with me that he and Richenda share the same passion for international development, social justice, and wrestling with how NGO’s can use emerging technologies to do better work. Most of their time in the beginning was spent scheming about how they could improve non profits and in turn the world.  He mentioned that she is strong, and furiously protective of those she loves, unbelievably positive, generous with her words and compliments and a great listener. I love it when a couple each shares their story with me before hand and it makes our connection and trust stronger, really showing through the images.

We didn’t meet until the night before their wedding and they came to our room to say hello before turning in for the night.  After just 3 seconds and hugs, the energy and charisma they carried made life feel so small, conjoined and I knew their story was meant to be shared.  Andy (who came with me) and I immediately had a crush on them, as most do I think, and I knew something magical was going to happen the next day.  It sure did…

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Photographer: Julie Harmsen Photography
Venue: Plantation Gardens, Kauai Hawaii // Mona Gonzaledo
Wedding coordinator: Iben Dwight Weddings Hawaii
Caterer: Plantation Gardens
Officiant: James and Annie Layton
Stationary: Matt Hocking (

Guitarist: Pancho Graham
DJ: Kustom Sounds
Flowers: Martin Roberts
Hair & Make up: Paradise Beauty center

Dress: by Marissa
Suit: by Calvin Klein