This weeks has been a little nutso, having possibly the busiest month of my business ever and working hard to finish some projects before a Sunday morning flight for two destination weddings over the next 17 days.  I’m thankful to be spending a week on my parents lake home and documenting the nuptials of an old friend before jetting to Hawaii for some solo time with my in laws and a photographing a wedding in Kona for another friend.  I sure do count myself lucky to be graced by so much love and beauty.   These are very exciting trips but I can’t help but think toward some free time in November, and dreaming up a trip.  Have you ever taken a solo vacation?  It’s something I’ve pondered but even though I cherish my alone time I just can’t imagine not sharing a beautiful place with someone else.  I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have.  As I’ve mentioned here, this past year I’ve become more interested in unique trees and am newly fascinated with the Boabab trees in Madagascar.  Supposedly some of them are over 1,000 years old.  Can imagine the secrets they hold and the wisdom gained with each ring?   Just some morning ramblings and a photo from last September’s month in Europe.  This image was taken on the Amalfi Coast.