Joel + Kaley // Fireseed Catering wedding // Whidbey Island

Joel and Kaley’s wedding was pretty much perfect in my book.  I’ve raved about them here and the wedding was nothing less than dreamy and enchanting, in a forest on Whidbey Island at the beautiful Fireseed Catering.  The color palate they chose was a favorite and I loved the details they incorporated that were uniquely them.  At the beginning of the ceremony they had a signing bowl and this is how she described it, “It is a good way to get everyone present and grounded.  It also helps to create a sacred space, which was what we were doing in that part of the ceremony when we were asking for blessings from each direction.  The sound is healing as well, so we were giving back a little blessing to all of our guests…”  Four special women in their lives stood at the North, South, East and West corners of the ceremony during this portion of the celebration and gave a blessing while the singing bowl was played.  It was truly a lovely experience.  During the reception, instead of a speech, Joel’s sister performed an ever so graceful hula dance.  It’s always a pleasure to spend a wedding day as friends of the bride and groom and when they insist we put the camera’s away and party down with them, we never say no.  SO, so happy for you Joel and Kaley.   *Thanks so much to my talented husband, Andy, who helped with this one and contributed with several of the included images.  This wedding was featured on Ruffled.

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