Jason + Angelina // Big Island Hawaii engagement photographer

The first e-mail I received from Angelina about the two of them went like this,

We’re one of those couples who does everything together and when it turns into a girl’s night out situation, Jason usually joins and he loves it. So do the girls…luckily. That’s not to say that I don’t join on guys night or we don’t do our own thing ever, but it’s rare that you see us out separately. After coming with me and family to Hawaii a couple of times on vacation I was always telling him how I’ve always wanted to move here since I was a teenager and started coming here so he said “Let’s do it!”. That was June 2011 and we moved here in January 2012. We sold almost everything we owned, left a life and a place that we loved to follow a dream that became ours together. He asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve of 2011 right before we were about to move so it came as a total surprise since we were saving every penny for the move and so focused on wrapping things up that I was literally shocked. I didn’t even say yes at first cause I was so dang excited, grabbed the ring right out of his hand, and jumped on him”. 

I love that they are dreamers and “yes” people who do whatever it takes when they put their mind and heart into something. The word that best describes these two is “shenanigans”.  Angelina and Jason are playful, know how to kick back and have fun. They both made it clear that they want us to be involved in the party and shenanigans. Couples who trust us like this and truly invite us in are what makes us want to work even harder for them. We got the shenanigans started on Mana Road in Hawaii for their engagement session. I don’t think I need to say too much about how much these two adore each other or how gorgeous they are because it’s completely obvious in the photos. By the end of the photo shoot they were convincing us to skip our flight home that night and spend the weekend at their family home on the water with them. We love how thoughtful they are and how much they invite others into their fun. June 22 is going to be one for the books, I know it! Congrats Angelina and Jason!