Thoughts from Hawaii…

Hello friends. I’m currently on the Big Island of Hawaii for a couple weddings and although I’m sure you might be on the verge of envy I must admit that sometimes slowing down and being more restful and solo can be very challenging for me. The last few days I’ve been challenging myself to accept and appreciate uncertainty, feeling a little lonely, and extra time that I’m not sure how to fill. Often we are so set in our routines that often consist mostly of work, work, work that when we have the opportunity to rest it feel all too unfamiliar. I’ve been waking just after sun rise here and spending my mornings with long walks along the ocean in earnest thought, and as I sat watching the waves this morning this quote came to mind. Aloha!

This universe is like an ocean in perfect equilibrium.  A wave cannot rise in one place, without creating a hollow elsewhere.  The sum total of the energy of the universe remains identical from one end to the other.  If you take from one place, you must give elsewhere.

-Swami Vivekananda