Justin and Amy // The Corson Building Seattle videographer

Justin and Amy didn’t originally intend to include video on their wedding day but after a google search of their venue brought up Kyle + Ali’s Corson Building video he knew they had to have Andy capture the day through motion. I wan’t in attendance nor photographing it so here are some words from Andy about the day…

“Amy & Justin are the salt of the earth. They are lovers of laughter, and can warm any city-heart with their homespun loving-kindness. Just like the Corson Building, an old-world garden-castle under a western freeway, Amy & Justin are an evergreen ivy whose aerial rootlets stretch out their arms to assemble the family. They are doves bringing us messages of love from a byzantine paradise. Raise a loving cup, turn up La Paloma and find an honest person to send them out with laughter in their pockets.”

Is it clear yet who the song writer is between the two of us? It was such a joy to watch this video of a wedding I didn’t witness yet still feel like I was a part of it. If you can, put on some head phones while watching this one!


Amy and Justin || Wedding || Corson Building || Seattle, WA from Julie Harmsen Photography on Vimeo.