Around the web Friday…

We’re getting settled into our place in Hawaii and it’s so refreshing to have regular sunshine. Having a new landscape and different light than what I’m used to in Seattle is incredibly inspiring and I’m so excited to share some of my upcoming weddings and portraits here.  We’ll be spending summers in Seattle and the rest of the year here with some intermittent trips back there and around the country. Unlike the PNW there’s isn’t as long of a twighlight in Hawaii since it’s closer to the equator. In Seattle we have up to 30-45 minutes of shoot time still after the sun sets, but here in Hawaii after 15 minutes (I timed it the other day) it’s  too dark to shoot with natural light. Also, it’s opposite from Seattle in regards to the cloud to sun break timeline throughout the day. In Seattle, it’s often cloudy and grey in the mornings and then by the afternoon/evening the sun comes out, but in Kailua-Kona it’s clear in the morning and the clouds and vog creep in during the afternoon, allowing for some diffused light. It’s these little things that I’m learning to take into consideration in a new location.  I’m also hoping to start on another personal photo series.

Here are a few links from around the web…

We started this interesting Netflix series about the history of film

I’m currently reading this book

One of the things that make a new place feel like home is curtains, in my opinion.  Andy made this  home made curtain rod today.

I’d like this maillot please

Our lanai is bare and I’d love to sip my morning coffee in one of these or this

Incredible video

Interesting photo series

Brilliant. I bet the energy in the room was big.

I hope you have a weekend as relaxing as this honu…