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  • Welcome to the blog. We're Julie and Andy. Here you will find our latest photographs and musings. We are a curious duo, intrigued by the uniqueness of life stories and how everyone is somehow connected. We are inspired by people who are confident, sometimes considered quirky, passionate and in love. Our time is split between Seattle and Hawaii and we'd love to hear about your upcoming wedding or celebration.

Vas + Sierra // Big Island Hawaii maternity photographer

This evening’s maternity shoot went aerial…

David + Tara sneak peek // Big Island Hawaii wedding photographer

David and Tara were married at Kealakekua Bay this past weekend and it was gorgeous. Tara’s Zac Posen gown was my favorite detail from the day. More to come…


Around the web Friday…

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If you need a pop of color on a grey, winter day

Speaking of color, one of my favorite photographer(s) who are brilliant with color

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And a photo of my favorite guy from a recent location scout… Happy Weekend!

Benjamin + Aysha // Waialea Beach Hawaii elopement photographer

These to sweeties came for Portland to elope at Waialea Beach also referred to as Beach 69. It was such a lovely ceremony and Aysha surprised Benjamin by signing him a beautiful song with her father on the ukulele. Congrats to you both!

Dan + Breanne // Big Island Hawaii portrait photographer

Dan and I go way back to well, 27 years ago. I was such a good big sister that when he was a newborn and I was two years old my mom went to answer the corded telephone in the other room and I took it upon myself to climb into his crib, grab him by the who knows what, pull him up and over, carry him to the couch where my mom found me patiently sitting there with him nicely in my lap. She freaked out obviously and immediately bought a cordless telephone. As for me, my confidence in caring for children grew and I treated him like my other dear baby dolls. Here we are camping and I’m taking him for a walk. I’ll also tell you how proud of him I am as he’s grown up to be such a fun, ambitious, but also goofy man. He works extremely hard as well and has a sense of humor that Breanne totally gets, which is a miracle. I left out a few gems of his redicilous faces he makes as to not get an “I’m going to get you back” text like he did that one time when he pretended to be a client calling me from Britain…accent and all. They two have a lot of fun together as you can see and Dan is such a thoughtful husband that he surprised Breanne with this portrait session while they were visiting Hawaii. You can also see the video Andy made over at his Fitts Studios page. We love you two.