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  • Welcome to the blog. We're Julie and Andy. Here you will find our latest photographs and musings. We are a curious duo, intrigued by the uniqueness of life stories and how everyone is somehow connected. We are inspired by people who are confident, sometimes considered quirky, passionate and in love. Our time is split between Seattle and Hawaii and we'd love to hear about your upcoming wedding or celebration.

Dempsey Family // Seattle family photographer

Throw back to late summer in Seattle when I was a few weeks away from delivering a baby. We visited their favorite playground on the shores of Lake Washington to kick the soccer ball, monkey around on the playground, and capture the energy and enthusiasm of three playful kiddos.

Happy New Year!

What a year it’s been. In the past 12 months we’ve sold almost everything and moved across the Pacific to live in Hawaii with a “what if” in our hearts, became pregnant, realized Seattle was home so we sold everything again and moved back, had a beautiful baby boy and a few other things in between. I’m still trying to assign words to the feelings about this job called motherhood. It’s such a significant leap into something more important and challenging than anything else, but also feels so natural. Gratitude is the feeling I’m ending the year with. So much gratitude. Happy New Year from our family to yours. xo

Peter and Tina // SoDo Park Seattle wedding photographer

These two have such big hearts and the adoration from their friends and family was evident by big smiles, extra long hugs and deep laughter. Tina looked gorgeous in her Sarah Seven gown and SoDo Park was beautifully decorated with florals from Marigold & Mint.  A very joyful day indeed.


Seattle kids photographer // In the studio

Studio kids portraits are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. It’s fun to collaborate during imaginative play with little ones who have big imaginations, and then to upload the images and see what magic was captured. I’ve had parents tell me that they saw expressions in the photos that they hadn’t noticed in their child before. Children are so expressive and their diverse facial expressions change so quickly that sometimes it takes a still photo, freezing time, to see some of the in between looks they make as well. Here are a few favorites from some recent sessions. If you’d like to schedule an in studio portrait session, e-mail me at julie@julieharmsenphotography.com.



Mark + Julia // Kauai wedding photographer

Small, intimate weddings are something special. Mark and Julia invited family to join them on Kauai to share in their nuptials followed by dancing, drinks and a stellar view at a home they rented for everyone in Kilauea. Portraits were really important to them so they allotted a couple hours after the ceremony and we drove around the North shore of Kauai, stopping at many of the picturesque locations. These two were a blast to be around and have such a playful energy. We were grateful that they invited us to be apart of the day rather than just documenting it from afar. It allowed us to create more real, meaningful images.

The dinner reception was filled with laughter, toasts, Polish singing, vodka shots, and dancing. It was truly a joy to experience an insiders view of the family and their celebratory traditions.

It’s a Polish tradition to have the bride and groom take a shot when arriving to the reception. In one shot glass is vodka and the other water. From what I understand, whoever receives the vodka wears the pants in the relationship. Mark and Julia’s parent’s were clever and put vodka in both!

Mark thought he was the only one with the vodka but Julia’s face shows otherwise.