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  • Welcome to the blog. We're Julie and Andy. Here you will find our latest photographs and musings. We are a curious duo, intrigued by the uniqueness of life stories and how everyone is somehow connected. We are inspired by people who are confident, sometimes considered quirky, passionate and in love. Our time is split between Seattle and Hawaii and we'd love to hear about your upcoming wedding or celebration.

Peter + Tina’s Sodo Park wedding photo booth



Hawaii bridal bliss

One of my favorite landscapes of Hawaii is the lava grass growing out of the dark, hardened lava. In the Kona afternoons, often the clouds roll in and offer a moody backdrop to a sunlit horizon. I borrowed a few dresses from Bliss in Bloom, and since the resources are slim there, I played stylist, hair and makeup artist as well as photographer to capture a few looks. Here are a couple images from the evening…

Seattle family photographer // David, Celia + Addison

David, Celia and I first met on their engagement shoot at Rattlesnake Lake two and a half years ago, which can be seen here. This week we made more photo magic with their addition, the enthusiastic and cheerful little Addison. This little peanut had a smile on her face the entire time and was so intrigued with the shutter click of my camera. Clearly she loves her puppy Daphne, and vice versa. Maybe it’s my pregnancy hormones, but watching baby and puppy play and cuddle was just about the best thing ever. Here’s to love, family, laughter and snuggles.


A very Seattle portrait // SoDo wedding photographer

Yesterday’s SoDo Park wedding was all kinds of fun. For portraits, we ventured around Pike Place Market and included their adorable pup!

Seattle to Hawaii to Seattle and a baby…

What a year it’s been. So. Many. Changes. Much of my blogging absence can be attributed to the things that have been happening in my personal life and I thought I’d share a little. In a nut shell, we moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in January, became pregnant and decided to recently move back to our beloved Seattle to raise our little guy. The past 6 months in Hawaii were a little challenging and living in a more isolated environment on an island was rather difficult for me, especially creatively. It had always been a place that offered much inspiration so it was a bit unexpected. I’m grateful to be back in a place where I thrive socially, creatively, intellectually, emotionally and where inspiration and opportunity, to me, are a little more abundant. Hawaii felt somewhat surreal and was a learning experience we will eternally appreciate. It will always be Andy’s home town and a place that we absolutely love to visit, but we’re back in Seattle to stay, with periodic visits to Hawaii, and ready to jump back in the saddle with a little guy arriving at the end of October!!

Today marks the start of my third trimester, so I thought I’d share a few photos.

The morning I left Hawaii, a few weeks ago, Andy took some underwater iphone photos of my 25 week baby bump at Kua Bay.

And here are some photos from my lovely baby shower put on by the amazing Nicole and Jenn! *photos by Nicole

Everyone contributed a piece to our baby mobile. I love this thoughtful idea.