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  • Welcome to the blog, I'm Julie. Here you will find some of my latest photographs and musings. I'm curious and intrigued by the uniqueness of life stories and how everyone is somehow connected. I'm inspired by people who are confident, sometimes considered quirky, passionate and in love and I'd love to hear about your upcoming wedding or celebration. Please reach out via the contact tab or directly at julie@julieharmsenphotography.com

    *photo by Amanda VanVels

George + co.

George wins for best hair. He’s also a happy little guy who gives smiles easily. I photographed his parents’ engagement photos, wedding and now the growing family. It was a numbingly chilly winter morning for our shoot, but that didn’t keep a grin off of this babe’s face. Also, how cute is his nursery? It helps to have a mom who is an interior designer, I suppose.


In studio // fashion

Fashion photography is another world to me and while I admire it, I’ve never really pursued it. A friend invited me to join her in the studio to have a chance to play around. It was a fun challenge to break away from my usual cheery photos to more serious poses, with some laughter mixed in. Incorporating movement was something I still wanted to do and I’m happy with how the images came out. Jenny of Lu lent us some of her pieces and the black dress is her creation. Ingalisa is the beautiful model and is represented by SMG. Here are a few…

Silas + Co.

Seattle’s winter light is short in terms of hours, but the shadows are long, which offer gorgeous light at almost any time of the day. Silas is 8 months old and the four of us spent a chilly morning at Lincoln Park, the place where his parents were engaged years ago. Those cheeks…




Gifts for the season

This year my heart has been especially heavy with how many people are suffering in this world. I’ve been brainstorming ways that little ol’ me can help, to contribute to something larger than myself. My family has decided to give away gifts to children in need instead of giving to each other this Christmas, because who really needs another sweater. We’re all in this together.

With that said, I wanted to share some links in case you’re looking for some unique gift ideas.

My friend Vicent is an artist and has put his art onto clothing in his new project La Loba Kids. We have one of his prints hanging in Wylie’s room.

There are a plethora of incredible organizations. Unicef is one that I give to as well as Kiva.

Handmade La Conner face scrub is amazing.

A card with a sense of humor for any occasion.

Friends John and Heather make adorable, tiny pottery.

Someone gave me this as a gift recently and they were the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. Hands down.

We have several prints from Frida in our apartment and her Have a Little Pun book is witty and charming.

Corrie has been making some beautiful, moody, art the past couple years.

My mom turned 60 this year and we gifted her a family photo session with all 7 of us. She was over the moon happy and said it was the best present we could have given. Give the gift that keeps on giving by booking a family session with a photographer.

Happy Thanksgiving and please be safe this week.

A few photos from our family session with Amanda 




Seattle family photographer // 5 week old Stella

What a little peanut. So tiny, adorable, smushy, sleepy and soft. Babies are the light of the world. They embody all things good and it was a pleasure to spend a morning with 5 week old Stella and her parents.